Commercial Carpet Cleaning Experts in Sioux Falls, SD

Carpet dries FAST, in as little as one to two hours. This eliminates over-wetting and the need to block-off areas for long periods. When you call the Sioux Falls commercial carpet cleaning experts, liabilities are reduced since customers and personnel are no longer exposed to hours of wet, slippery floors.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Sioux FallsOur low-moisture process cleans using a fraction of the water of other methods. Better for you and the environment, we eliminate the inconveniences so often associated with carpet cleaning. Our general cleaner is remarkably effective at removing the toughest soils, is non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for use in virtually any commercial or office setting.

Who says carpet cleaning has to be disruptive? We work quietly, without noisy machines bellowing for hours on end, or big, cumbersome hoses to trip over. We’re completely mobile, able to move anywhere in your facility with ease. Additionally, we don’t need any special parking arrangements or open, unsecured outside doors.

You’ll also appreciate, as commercial specialists, we dress and conduct ourselves professionally while in your facility, reflecting well on your good image.

Our low-moisture system breaks the dependence on harsh detergents and surfactants. Therefore, we leave carpets clean and fresh, free of sticky soapy dirt-attracting residues, helping carpets stay cleaner longer.

Dries in Hours Not Days

Dries in 1 to 2 hours

No sticky residue

No reappearing spots

Safe & non-toxic


Fully insured

Carpet & upholstery care

Fabric partition cleaning

Fabric protection

Antimicrobial treatments

Encapsulation clearing

Laminate wood floor care

Do You Have Stubborn Spots and Stains?

Why not receive a no-obligation, problem solving evaluation?

We will arrive at your church, business or other commercial location to evaluate your situation. Are spots reappearing?

We’ll clean an area absolutely FREE. Give it a week. Give it a month. Just give it as long as it takes to be convinced your problem is resolved. It’s the most honest opinion we can give.

Based on your satisfaction with the evaluation cleaning alone, we’ll gladly return to further discuss the future of your dirty carpets. No fuss, no muss, no high pressure sales. That's the way we like it!

Deep Clean Carpet Cleaning specializes in commercial carpet and floor cleaning, so we understand your needs. Our technicians are trained to work quietly and efficiently, minimizing disruption. We arrive in uniforms so customers and staff know who we are and why we’re there. We understand that our appearance is also your appearance.

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